Seoul Cooking

After day one ending with a major mommy melt down (sorry, sometimes it happens) Day 2 seemed to be all up hill literally…. When planning to visit the North Seoul Tower we were not exactly expecting this… 1800m (1.1 miles) to be exact all up hill. and if you feel like you are not quiet […]

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Gray’s go to South Korea

Better late than never! It seems like Korea is one of the first places the expats around here travel. Some over and over again. It has never been really high on our list of places to travel. It was nice enough but I’m glad we chose to branch out and visited the places we did. […]

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A Boy’s Paradise

One of my favorite places to go is…. the plant market! It is wonderful therapy in this concrete jungle! My boys like to go too as long as we stop by their little piece of paradise… this lovely park next door to the plant market! The week before school started me and the littles went […]

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Coffee with a side of lamb

With a house full of boys…coffee is a must. We are still trying to get unpacked and settled in to our new apartment. We were running low on coffee so we made a Saturday run to Kitchen street. It’s just a hole in the wall… with a new paint job this summer… Not too bad […]

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BBQ Ribs for Dinner

Disclaimer; this story may not be suitable for animal loves. Read at your own risk. It started out so innocently… we met up with some friends to get a bite to eat. We thought we would try a new restaurant not too far from our apartment. We (the women) left the ordering to the men […]

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Moon Cake Day

Not the best quality photo but remember we are time traveling over the past 3 years and I am over the top excited that I received a new camera at the end of the school year. So in the future better quality photos;) So our first holiday experience in China was Mid-Autumn Festival which usually […]

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