First Day of School in China

What better place to start than the first day of school!

1st Day of SchooSorry Princess! You take after your grandmother;) She could never keep her eyes open when taking a picture either!

1st Day of School

Nothing gets the blood pumping like walking down 52 stairs (4 flights) every morning on the way to school.

1st day of scho

Finding your way through an obstacle course of parked cars on the sidewalk.

1st d of s

Then a nice walk up a lovely street to the corner bus stop.

1st dofs

We take a 25-40 minute bus ride to school depending on traffic. We leave around 7:40am and return home around 4:15pm each day.

The most memorable moment of our first day at school didn’t unfold until that afternoon. The kids came home and said their teacher wanted to know where their inside shoes were. Who knew? Inside shoes! What’s a mom and dad to do but venture out into a city of 10 million with all 4 kids to look for shoes.

I wish I had pictures of this and maybe I do somewhere… but for now you will have to use your imagination.

We walked to a bus stop and hopped on a bus. It was crowded and our faces must have said it all because the bus driver felt sorry for us and told us to go on without paying. After some time, we found a college student that spoke some English and he helped us get off at the right stop. Well… not exactly the right stop but at least it had a Dunkin’ Donuts. Just our luck, the Dunkin’ Donut guy spoke perfect English! He wrote on a piece of paper in Chinese “I’m trying to get to Walmart. Can you point me in the right direction?” He then pointed us down this dark, wet alley. Off we went! We walked and walked and walked and when we felt unsure we stopped a Chinese person and showed them the paper and they kindly pointed us in the right direction. After many, many blocks we emerged from the dark alley into what looked like time square in New York City! In awe of the big lights we looked to our left and saw … Walmart. Thank you Jesus!!

We got the kids some “inside” shoes and then decided to hail two taxis (we will not all fit into one) and attempt to get home. Just a little charades and we managed to do it. We made it home….well almost home. The taxi dropped me and the kids off a block from our apartment but we managed to take off walking in the right direction and got home about 30 minutes after Chad. Yes, he was at home wondering how he was going to find us in a city of 10 million with no cell phone.

First Day of School = First Big Adventure!

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