Growing Up China

This is the story of a mama raising a family in a foreign land.

Three years ago we packed up the family and we moved to the other side of the ocean to teach at an International School in Shenyang, China.

luggage train

Not the best quality of pictures but this is our life all packed up and ready for a long flight across the ocean.

We didn’t take this move lightly. We did 5 years of research, prayer, and planning to get here. As the old saying goes…. expect the unexpected.

A year into our contract we had visa snags. Our company who had been doing business in China for 25+ years made a poor choice which led to a series of bad choices which led to the company losing their license, getting in a lawsuit, and ultimately (3 years in) being acquired by another company. In the midst of their poor choices, my family had to be switched to another visa type which would require us to leave the country every 90 days. No worries my friends! It was a company error and it was the company that paid for my entire family to leave the country every 90 days. Do you understand what this means?!?! FREE VACATION EVERY 90 DAYS!!

My husband and I had a love for traveling but living on a teacher’s salary with 4 kids we knew there would be little travel in our lives. So THIS, this is big!! Our family spent the next 2 years traveling all over Asia and a little of Europe.

We will do a little backtracking to share a snip of our travels but we plan to spend the next few years visiting every province in China. Checkout the right sidebar for location updates.

Living abroad isn’t for everybody but for our family it has been the adventure of a lifetime!

We look forward to giving you a little insight to life living abroad, raising kids in a foreign land, traveling, and more.

As my little boys use to say “We are going on a Ba-venture!”

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