BBQ Ribs for Dinner

Disclaimer; this story may not be suitable for animal loves. Read at your own risk.

It started out so innocently… we met up with some friends to get a bite to eat. We thought we would try a new restaurant not too far from our apartment.

We (the women) left the ordering to the men (Chad and Brandon).

For those who haven’t ate in my neck of the woods let me tell you…

we have the best food in all of China. Really. It is amazing!

Our waiter started bringing out the dishes, and we wasted no time eating. All the kids were at one end of the table and the adults at the other end.

One of the last dishes was a big plate of ribs which the men instantly dived in to.

As Chad was picking up his second rib he made eye contact with his buddy Brandon.

Chad remarks, “These sure are small ribs”

Brandon smiles.

Chad spits out his food.

They call the waiter over and he confirms….

They had ordered gou rou. YIKES!

We did what any good southern parent would do.

We passed it to the kids so they could experience the culture in which we live.

As they devoured the ribs they discussed among each other “I wonder what kind of meat this is?” “Pork? Lamb?”

We finish up and paid the bill.

Dylan ask for a “doggie bag.” to take the ribs home and we all died laughing.

As we left the restaurant, we tell the kids that they just feasted on dog.

As Chad explained to him that the meat he was holding had been barking a few hours ago, Dylan proudly announced, “It’s not a dog any more it’s meat.”

Then he decided to walk the dog home… just a boy and his doggie bag.

I promise. I am not making this up. True story.


P.S. Chad said it was not bad. The texture was a bit different and the meat tasted a little different.

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