Coffee with a side of lamb


With a house full of boys…coffee is a must. We are still trying to get unpacked and settled in to our new apartment. We were running low on coffee so we made a Saturday run to Kitchen street.


It’s just a hole in the wall… with a new paint job this summer…


Not too bad for a hole in the wall. They grind our beans and send us on our way.


Then we headed to this mega kitchen store just up the street to get a trash can for our kitchen. We had looked at several stores but they were all too small, too ugly, or too expensive. This place had just what we needed.


I really love this part of town. It’s not too big nor too crowded and there is always so many interesting things to see.


It’s not everyday that you see a lamb on the street…


Being slaughtered….


and served up on the street corner. It smelled delicious but the line was way too long. We wanted to shop on the street corners and go to the antique market so we moved on. We found some cool finds but when you hear people say “here comes the rich foreigners” you know you’re not going to get a good deal. If they only knew!! We found a 60 year old sewing machine for 350RMB, an old clothing iron for 800RMB and an old lantern for 500RMB. No thank you. Instead we came home with….


a new family member….the boys named him “Zinc” and he is a big fat cricket…or is it a grasshopper… I don’t know.


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