Gray’s go to South Korea

IMG_0573 (2)

Better late than never!

It seems like Korea is one of the first places the expats around here travel. Some over and over again. It has never been really high on our list of places to travel. It was nice enough but I’m glad we chose to branch out and visited the places we did.  We didn’t get to chose this trip…it was our new employer decision so we were kinda forced into this 24 hour vacation and we made the most of it:)


Traveling with the Belton’s is always a plus!


We visited Gyeongbokgung Palace as soon as we got off the plane…

Well ok…. after we stopped at Krispy Kreme and Burger King.


Colin says “You seen one palace, you’ve seen theme all!”

So I won’t bore you with too many pictures!


We hadn’t been there too long when Chad found himself in the middle of an interview with a local college student.

IMG_0610I mean really…is anyone surprised!

It was a great opportunity to share

and it was caught on video for his classmates to hear too!


It was a beautiful place


We were exhausted.

My daughter taught me how to remove the bags and wrinkles from my eye with photoshop! How’d I do:)


It was a long day and time to go

figure out where our Airbnb (our rented apartment) was located.

That was an adventure in it’s self

which may or may not involved raised voices, tears, mom and the little boys getting lost with a dead phone and $5, and rice and seaweed for supper….

It’s not a real vacation without a little drama y’all.

Don’t pretend like you don’t have any;)

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