Seoul Cooking

After day one ending with a major mommy melt down

(sorry, sometimes it happens)

Day 2 seemed to be all up hill



When planning to visit the North Seoul Tower we were not exactly expecting this…IMG_0681

1800m (1.1 miles) to be exact

all up hill.


and if you feel like you are not quiet getting enough exercise in….


You can always pull off the trail and exercise some more…

Nate ran the whole way up and stopped to exercise too!

Oh to have his energy!


Oh look! Chad managed to catch up to Nate!


Turned out that the journey far surpassed the destination!


Needless to say we earned our next meal!


I didn’t exactly remember to take a photo until we were almost done


if you have never tried Korean BBQ you are totally missing out!




Mom was there and how lucky we are that Dylan took this lovely shot of his mama to prove it! Yikes!


Dylan made the decision on this trip that he wants to be a professional photographer when he grows us!

We also feasted on Burger King, Taco Bell, Krispy Kreme, and Dunkin Donuts while we were here.

Any guesses how many donuts we bought in 2 days?!?! A lot.

6000 won = $5.30 Do not leave your wife at the hotel in a foreign country with 3 boys and $5.30 EVER.

Turns out all palaces are just alike…or at least that is how it feels when you’re walking around in high heat and humidity, swollen feet, and 3 bored boys.

Next adventure…..coming October 2017




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